With 2018 almost over, I take a look back at a whole year’s worth of top TV.

It’s a gripping, white-knuckle stampede of a movie as the Mesozoic comes crashing through the modern day.

Much like that time Jeremy Kyle did a US special, everything is so much worse in America if you’re poor.

The Happy Prince, the role Rupert Everett was born to play could well be his magnum opus.

Ultimately, it is a beautifully shot and cleverly composed ode to the city I call home.

It is a crying shame that there are far too few original female leads being created out there on the telesphere. A female Doctor could be the beginning of something truly wonderful.

Sorry Netflix, but this time, your ‘next big thing’ is on the ropes.

The Mummy promo poster

It is utter trash, but I loved it. I was very sceptical of this remake. But I was won over as soon as I saw the trailer. I love its look, its style and aesthetic.

The Keepers explores the case of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a young nun and school teacher who went missing in 1969 in Baltimore. Her body was found two months later dumped on remote scrubland, yet to this day her murder remains unsolved.

The opening credits are a work of art: a haunting score of sorrowful Celtic strings accompany scenes of the Irish coast, taking us to a place far away from Albert Square.